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欧宝体育下载-香港赛马会杯俱乐部会员赛开打 助推网球全民健身

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   The 2020 National Fitness Hong Kong Jockey Club Cup•Club Membership Tournament will be held on October 6th at the Beijing Jiuhua Villa International Tennis Center. The competition attracted a total of 142 clubs. From October 6th to 8th, fierce competitions were launched in the order of A, B, C, D, and Challenge Level A.

2020年全民健身香港赛马会杯•俱乐部会员资格赛将于10月6日在北京九华山庄国际网球中心举行。比赛共吸引了142个俱乐部。从10月6日至8日,按照A,B,C,D和Challenge Level A的顺序展开了激烈的比赛。

On October 7, Wang Jun, former deputy director of the State General Administration of Sports, Ren Jun, director of the Hong Kong Jockey Club's domestic sports program director, Zhang Wenyao, chief referee, Duan Shaowu, general manager of Guo Olixian (Beijing) Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., and Chen Kun, deputy general manager attended The opening ceremony.


Duan Shaowu, general manager of Guoolixian (Beijing) Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. said in his speech: "We have completed two events sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club for this double festival, namely the youth training camp and the membership classification competition. October 6 Until the 8th is the club membership game. Although these events have been postponed due to the epidemic, the enthusiasm of the golfers is still particularly high. Everyone can improve their immunity and fight the virus by playing tennis to keep fit. The Hong Kong Jockey Club It is a model of patriotism and love for Hong Kong. Our cooperation with the Hong Kong Jockey Club has entered its seventh year. As Hong Kong’s largest non-profit organization and charitable donation organization, the Hong Kong Jockey Club has long supported the development of public welfare undertakings in the Mainland. Through years of cooperation, tennis has moved from state agencies, enterprises and institutions to the whole society, from Beijing to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, from adults to teenagers, and from training to a combination of competition and training. We should express our support to the Hong Kong Jockey Club with applause. thank!"

郭力先(北京)体育文化发展有限公司总经理段少武在致辞中说:“我们已经完成了香港赛马会赞助的这个双重节日的两项活动,即青年训练营和会员等级划分。 10月6日至8日是俱乐部会员制比赛,尽管由于流行病而推迟了这些赛事,但是高尔夫球手的热情仍然很高,每个人都可以通过打欧宝体育最新官网网球来保持身体健康,从而提高自己的免疫力和抵抗病毒。香港赛马会这是爱国主义和对香港的热爱的典范,我们与香港赛马会的合作已进入第七年,香港赛马会是香港最大的非营利组织和慈善捐款组织,长期支持内地公益事业的发展,经过多年的合作,网球运动已从国家机构,企事业单位转变为从北京到粤港澳大湾区,从成年人到青少年,从培训到竞赛和培训的结合,这是一个社会。我们应该以掌声向香港赛马会表示支持。谢谢!”

   Hong Kong Jockey Club domestic sports director consultant Ren Jun represents the Hong Kong Jockey Club and welcomes everyone to come to the tennis court during the double festival and enjoy happy tennis. "The Hong Kong Jockey Club is the only gaming management and operating organization granted by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. It is a non-profit organization. In Hong Kong, all horse racing surpluses are used as social feedback, including Ocean Park, University of Science and Technology, University of Sports, etc. The Jockey Club supports the achievements of Hong Kong’s social development. Last year, the Hong Kong Jockey Club funded HK$4.3 billion to support charity activities in Hong Kong society. The Hong Kong Jockey Club is also Hong Kong’s largest charitable contribution organization. In 2009, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the National Sports General Administration Lottery The management center promised when signing the cooperation agreement that it would use the surplus to give back to the society. Now all golfers enjoy the bonus at that time. Tennis is a niche project and the cost of learning is relatively high. The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s funding for tennis projects, First of all, starting with training, and gradually after seven years of operation and hard work, under the hard work of Mr. Wang Jun and Guo Olixian, from training to competition, we have built a healthy and communication platform for everyone. "Only health for all can We hope that tennis will bring us happiness. On behalf of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, I welcome everyone to participate in the national fitness for a long time. I also hope that the seed of love and health of the Hong Kong Jockey Club will be funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. All training and competition activities can take root, blossom and bear fruit in Beijing and across the country!"

香港赛马会国内体育总监顾问任军代表香港赛马会,欢迎大家在双节期间来到网球场享受快乐的网球。 “香港赛马会是香港特别行政区政府授予的欧宝体育下载唯一博彩管理和运营组织。它是一个非营利组织。在香港,所有赛马盈余都被用作社会反馈,包括海洋公园,赛马会支持香港社会发展的成就,去年,香港赛马会拨款43亿港元,支持香港社会的慈善活动。也是香港最大的慈善捐款组织。2009年,香港赛马会与国家体育总局彩票管理中心在签署合作协议时承诺将盈余返还给社会。当时的奖金是网球,是一项利基项目,学习成本也相对较高。香港赛马会的十项资助nis项目,首先,从培训开始,经过7年的运作和艰苦奋斗,在王军先生和郭奥力先先生的辛勤工作下,从培训到比赛,我们为每个人建立了一个健康的交流平台。 “只有全民健康,我们希望网球能带给我们幸福。我代表香港赛马会长期欢迎大家参加全民健身运动。我也希望爱与健康的种子香港赛马会将由香港赛马会资助,所有训练和比赛活动均可在北京乃至全国扎根,开花并取得成果!”

  Ren Jun is a tennis enthusiast, participant, and promoter. As a member of the Diligent Harmony Team, she participated in the Club Membership Class C and Group A competitions to support the national fitness work with practical actions.


In this club membership competition, the number of participating teams reached 142. In addition to the top eight who can get performance rewards, as long as the clubs that successfully complete the competition and get the ranking, the total points already obtained in 2020 can be converted into cash, and all competitions will be completed. Reward afterwards.


   This year is the tenth year of the establishment of Guo Olixian. Ten years have only done one thing, and Volkswagen tennis has it every day. This model has been actively responded to by many regional tennis associations and clubs. Under the state of epidemic prevention and control, franchise organizations in several cities across the country have promoted mass tennis in accordance with Guo's operating model, which has achieved good results.


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