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欧宝体育下载:终于等到你!鲁能黄金一代双子星终于国足联手 能实现两翼齐飞吗

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Following Liu Yun’s injury, Wu Xinghan entered the national team instead. In this national football training camp, the scene that Luneng fans have been looking forward to for more than ten years finally appeared: Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan, the two fast horses of the Luneng 93 golden generation, can join forces in the national football team. , Can they make the national football team fly together?

刘云受伤后,吴兴汉进入了国家队。在这个国家足球训练营中,鲁能球迷们期待已久的场景终于出现了:鲁能93黄金一代的两匹快马刘斌斌和吴兴汉可以加入国家足球队。 ,他们可以让国家橄榄球队一起飞行吗?

When Luneng first debuted, Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan were regarded as the future talents of the national football team. In the 2009 National Games, in the U16 age group, the Shandong team swept the strong to win the championship. This team was based on the Luneng 93 generation team. There was a saying in the circle that this echelon was the strongest in Luneng history. It has been established for many years. In all domestic competitions, except for the penalty shootout, he has never lost the other competitions. In this team, Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan’s rapid attack on the two sides is the sharpest offensive weapon. The two often appear in the scene where several people are connected. They are unanimously favored by the domestic football community. People look forward to them. After maturity, the national football team can be plugged into flying wings.


After Evergrande was promoted to the Super League in 2012, it once offered Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan a sky-high transfer fee, but Luneng chose to refuse and said that he would not sell it for any amount of money. In contrast, Liu Binbin has grown faster. In the 2014 season, he scored 5 goals and assists 4 times, and won the best newcomer in the Super League. In the 2015 season, he scored 4 goals and assists 6 times and was selected for the national team coached by Perrin. , With the team to compete in the Asian Cup. Wu Xinghan became the team's thigh in the Olympic team, and repeatedly used personal breakthroughs to create murder for the Olympic team. In the 2015 Olympic qualifiers, Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan became the core players of that national Olympic team. However, in the Asian finals, the national Olympic group lost all three games. Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan did not show up in China. The style of the arena.

恒大在2012年晋升为中超联赛后,曾经向刘斌斌和吴兴汉提供过高的转会费,但鲁能拒绝了,并表示不会以任何金额出售。相比之下,刘斌斌的成长更快。在2014赛季,他打进5球,助攻4次,并赢得了中超联赛最佳新人。在2015赛季,他攻入4球,助攻6次,并入选佩林(Perrin)执教的国家队。 ,随队参加亚洲杯。吴兴汉成为奥运会代表队的大腿,并多次利用个人突破为奥林匹克代表队谋杀。在2015年奥运会预选赛中,刘彬彬和吴兴汉成为该国奥队的核心球员。但是,在亚洲决赛中,国家奥林匹克团体输掉了全部三场比赛。刘彬彬和吴兴汉没有出现在中国。竞技场的风格。

Subsequently, Liu Binbin was affected by injuries and his development encountered a bottleneck. In the 2017 and 2018 seasons, his short playing time led to a long-term miss from the national team. Until 2019, Lippi coached the national football team for the second time. Liu Binbin performed well in the league and attracted With Lippi's attention, he returned to the national team after a lapse of many years, and represented the national football team in the world preliminaries. Wu Xinghan’s position in Luneng is more stable. In the 2017 season, he scored 3 goals and 5 assists. In the 2018 season, he scored 4 goals and 2 assists, gradually replacing Liu Binbin’s role in the team, but he did not get into the national football team. Opportunity.


This season, after many years, Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan finally showed the momentum to go hand in hand. Wu Xinghan made more starts this season, scoring 1 goal and 1 assist. Although Liu Binbin spent most of the season as a substitute, he performed well and also scored 1 goal and 1 assist. Under Li Xiaopeng's command, Wu Xinghan usually played as the main force, using breakthroughs to consume opponents, and then replaced Liu Binbin in the second half, and continued to use rapid breakthroughs to torture opponents. The effect of this trick was quite obvious.


Now, both Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan have entered the national team, which means that this national football team has a huge group of wingers. Together with Evergrande’s Wei Shihao and Fernando, the national football team has four major wingers. Exon played winger for the second time. If Li Tie is the main player in 433, then he can choose from a group of wingers with different characteristics. If there is a situation where Liu Binbin and Wu Xinghan are separated from each other in a game of the national football team, it is also a realization for many Luneng fans. A wish for many years.

现在,刘彬彬和吴兴汉都进入了国家队,这意味着这支国家橄榄球队拥有大量的边锋。国家足球队与恒大的魏士豪和费尔​​南多一起拥有四名主要边锋。 Exon第二次出场。如果李铁是433年的主要球员,那么他可以从一组具有不同特征的边锋中进行选择。如果在国家足球队的一场比赛中刘斌斌和吴兴汉彼此分离的情况,这也是许多鲁能球迷的认识。多年的愿望。

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